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By Matrix Secrets posted on 11 Oct 2011

Who's Using MySource Matrix?


Using some targeted Google queries, it's possible to estimate how many installations of MySource Matrix there are out there. This is only an estimate, as we can't count Intranet installations, or other installations not crawled by Google. Nor can we count installations that may have been customised in some way that hides them from search engines. Having said that, I think these figures are reasonably accurate, and give some interesting insight into how many people are using Matrix for their websites.

The Google-fu

Basically, to work out who is using Matrix, we pass this query to Google:


inurl:__data OR inurl:SQ_DESIGN

and there you go. Almost all the sites you will see in the results are running some version of Matrix.

Getting specific

Say you work in a particular industry, and you want to find other similar organisations running Matrix. All you need to do is restrict the results to your country or organisation type:


inurl:__data OR inurl:SQ_DESIGN site:.au

If you're specifically looking for Australian Government sites, Funnelback's australia.gov.au search will return more results for Matrix than Google, because it uses "Same Site Suppression" (it downweights multiple occurrences of a domain).

The Results

According to my estimates, there are around 600 publicly accessible sites running Matrix. I came up with this number using the techniques I've described here, and some minimal scripting. As I wrote earlier: although this figure is an estimate, is almost certainly lower than the actual number of Matrix installations. It's not possible to take into account Intranet installations, custom installations that may not use the __data directory, or installations not indexed by Google.

Now for a breakdown of the stats.

Note: the following breakdowns include MySource "Classic" installations, which was the previous version of MySource.

By Country

Not surprisingly, the majority of Matrix installations are on Australian domains. The non-country-specific domains (eg. http://squiz.net) account for more than all the non-Australian domains combined.

The list of Matrix installations in a specific country where Squiz does not have an office is small, but includes the Czech Republic, China, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Norway, and Singapore. Some of these seemed to be tourism-based websites promoting Australia, which also had an equivalent .au domain.


By domain (no specific country)

Websites which don't belong to a specific country domain, account for around 200 (or 27%) of the overall results. As these websites could be developed in one country, for use in a second country and hosted in a third country, there isn't an easy way to put these results into a country category.


In Australia

By Type (In Australia)

The majority of Matrix installations are in government, with education not far behind. The number of commercial (.com.au) Matrix installations seems about right, but I'd expect this sector to take a slightly larger percentage in the future, with the release of the MySource Mini.


Government By State/Territory (In Australia)

In this case, having a Squiz office in a particular state or territory does not necessarily correlate with a greater number of Matrix installations. The "newer" Squiz offices of Victoria and Queensland are under represented, especially when South Australia and the Northern Territory don't have Squiz offices.


It could be noted however, that some of these installations are much larger than others. Taking this into account, and looking at the total number of documents as indexed by Google rather than the number of domains, the results are perhaps more reasonable, keeping in mind that the at least some of the federal clients would be handled by the ACT office.


By Version

Included in this percentage, are 140 installations of MySource Classic. Although Matrix was released in 2004, 19% of the total installations are still using "Classic", the previous version of MySource. This may give some insight into the challenges Squiz faces in convincing users to adopt their new version of MySource (version 4), which is still under development.

Also of interest is the 5% of installations that are using Matrix 3.12 or older. As of Matrix 3.14, the version number was no longer included in the HTML source, so it makes it difficult to determine which version is being used.



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