Release notes for Matrix 1.2

By Anton Babushkin posted on 16 Jul 2013

Selected items can be deselected

When a user viewed the ‘selected items’ using the ‘selected items’ tab, they couldn’t deselect them.

Syntax Highlighter saves all assets

Syntax Highlighter stopped some asset contents from being saved

The following assets were affected:

  • Asset builder layouts
  • Simple edit layouts

The fix included adding the ‘layout’ screen as a supported asset type.

Lock helper displays time remaining correctly

The lock helper showed the time left incorrectly when the lock length was set to 10 minutes, i.e. it showed there were only 60 seconds remaining when there were 10 minutes.

MyMatrix button stays highlighted in Firefox

When a user switched tabs in Firefox, the MyMatrix button would appear as though it had been deselected even though MyMatrix was still active.

The fix included adding a listener for the ‘myMatrix-HighlightButton’ event to the Firefox plugin core code.

Seamless save icon now in the right place

When the Save button wasn’t anchored to the bottom frame, the ‘saving’ icon and ‘saved icons’ still appeared anchored to the bottom. This looked strange.

The fix included removing "position: fixed" style and adding a "display: inline-block". We also changed the order of the div so it's always to the left of the commit button.

Lock Helper works in all versions of Matrix

This wasn't an issue with Matrix versions, but more the way the ‘warning’ and ‘critical’ classes were attached.

Lag removed when user switched tabs

When the user switched tabs the Matrix admin interface tab froze for about three seconds. The gBrowser load event would fire eight times and caused the TabSelect event to bind eight times. Every time a user switched tabs, the boostrap method would also be called eight times, causing a lag if there was a high-memory load.

We’re unsure why the gBrowser load event would bind so many times, but I’ve added a temporary work around with an ‘if’ condition to stop this happening.

Smart type selector has a search box

It was hard to find asset types not in the content document or file sections. The browser search feature can be used, but it would really need to be part of the widget itself for good usability practice.

Plugins load reliably

Sometimes some plugins didn't fully load. This caused the page to ‘error out’.

This happened on slow page loads. The objectHasLoaded function checks five times every 30 milliseconds to see if a plugin has loaded and then gives up if it hasn't. We increased this to 20 times every 100 milliseconds.

Cache buster needed for current assets

It's quite common that a user would:

  1. Edit a Standard Page / JavaScript / CSS asset;
  2. Navigate to Tools > Clear Matrix Cache and then clear the Matrix cache on that asset, and then
  3. Preview the page using those elements to see if everything works correctly.

This plugin combats this issue so the user can quickly clear the cache on an existing asset. Standard Page assets could also have a convenient ‘Preview’ button on top of the page (perhaps next to the Clear Cache button?).

The UI still needs to be worked out for this plugin. One for the new year.


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