By Ladoo posted on 13 Oct 2011

Latest version: 1.2

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Firefox 4 - 8.x

A powerful browser extension for Squiz Matrix authors and developers

Be more productive with drag and drop file uploading, beautiful code syntax highlighting, seamless saving and more.

Feature overview

Drag & Drop

Getting files into Matrix has never been easier. Create new or modify existing files by dragging and dropping straight from your desktop. In addition when using the Matrix bulk file upload tool you can drag and drop multiple files.

Seamless saving

Minimise disruptions caused by page refreshes when saving changes in Matrix. Simply hit save and continue editing, without losing your place.

Code Syntax Highlighting

Coding design parse files, JavaScript, CSS and HTML in Matrix is now easier and beautiful. Features include coloured syntax highlighting, auto indentation and bracket matching.

Remap Manager Mass Uncheck

This little utility adds a mass uncheck option to save you time and make your life easier by never having to manually uncheck the Never Delete option for bulk web paths in your Remap Manager.

Locks Helper

Ever been working on a page only to lose your changes after saving? This little helper ensures this never happens again. It provides a live timer and will even warn you when your locks have expired.

Smart Type Selector

Selecting common asset types for asset listings is now easier and faster than ever with this user interface enhancement.

Bugs, features and suggestions

Please help by logging bugs and features on GitHub.

Version 1.2 of MyMatrix has nine improvements to make this tool even more user friendly and reliable. Read more about these updates.

Have your say!

Vote for the features below you would like to see in the next myMatrix release.

Don't forget you can also submit your own features via GitHub.

  • Auto Syntax Completion

    Auto syntax completion whilst editing parse, CSS & Javascript files, etc.



  • Version Control

    Version control for asset contents enabling you to roll back to earlier versions.



  • Matrix Skins

    Customise the Matrix administration screens with different colour schemes.



  • Internet Explorer Version

    A version of myMatrix for Internet Explorer.



  • Cache Buster

    Clear the Matrix cache for a particular asset you are working on.

  • Google Chrome Version

    A version of myMatrix for Google Chrome.


  1. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Sarah
    Absolutely fantastic, well done!
  2. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm @larmon
    I'm really enjoying the new Firefox extension. Thanks!
  3. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm adam piro
    great stuff, i have rolled it out to the 3 matrix developers here and we will give it a good testing.
  4. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Paul
    Love it - especially the new saving functionality.
  5. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Aleks Bochniak
    Absolutely fantastic! Which versions of firefox does it support?
    1. Avatar
      07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Anton Babushkin
      Hi Aleks,

      Thanks for the feedback! I've updated the overview page to reflect this now.

      It currently works in Firefox 4+ (due to certain APIs only being available in the later versions of Firefox).

  6. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Nelson Nogueira
    This is fantastic, really nice work guys!
  7. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Tex
    Great work! Any chance of getting this as a Chrome/Safari Extension for us Webkit users?
    1. Avatar
      07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Anton Babushkin
      Hi Tex,

      Absolutely. We're working on a Google Chrome release for version 1.1.
  8. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Oliver
    Any chance of getting word wrapping in the new editor? Great work though.
    1. Avatar
      07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Anton Babushkin
      Hi Oliver,

      This is going into the next release.

      Here's the bug tracker link:
  9. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm BenMakesWebsites
    This is a must-have plugin for ANYONE that uses matrix. I don't know how i ever lived without it!
  10. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Lachlan Cunningham
    Loving it Anton. Have passed it around to our Matrix Devs here and we are all very impresed. Cheers.
  11. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Margaret
    This is awesome - you're really onto something!

    I've 'liked' the IE Version feature above, but I thought I'd mention it here too - if it can be created it would be a godsend. We have some regular Matrix users around here who only use IE, and they could really benefit from this plugin (especially once the WYSIWYG replacement has moved past its experimental stage).

    Apart from that, and a few things with the WYSIWYG that I see are already in the issues register, I LOVE it.
  12. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Robin Shi
    for syntax highlight, it would be great that highlight the keywords(wrapped by %) into blocks
  13. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Jeffery

    Fantastic piece of work there - thank you very much.
  14. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Scott Hall
    Anton (et al) bleedin lovely work on this!
  15. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Matt
    Excellent work Anton, this is a a great time saver..
  16. Avatar
    07 Jun 2013 1:12pm Liam
    This is great, but I've recently installed Firefox (v15) on a new PC and this doesn't work for me anymore. I know it says FF 4-8.x, but it was working fine on my last PC running FF14...
  17. Avatar
    16 Jul 2013 1:57pm Peter
    Good stuff here
  18. Avatar
    06 Feb 2014 10:25am Stefan
    I remember this is a great tool guys, but the link to Firefox version is not working. cheers!
  19. Avatar
    06 Feb 2014 10:32am Liam
    Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for letting us know that. I have updated the link for the firefox version. If you are still having issues downloading please let me know.

  20. Avatar
    13 Feb 2014 8:59am Chris
    Hi Guys, great idea with this tool can't believe I only just found it! Hey I downloaded it for Chrome and it looks like the bulk file import isn't working. I believe it might have something to do with Chrome now using the c:/fakepath method. I tried it on firefox v26.0 but it looks like nothing is working on that version. Do you intend on continuing maintenance on this plugin?
  21. Avatar
    15 Apr 2014 9:33pm Thando
    just found this site now, I have successfully downloaded and installed this extension for Chrome but the Firefox one isn't working. ON  extracting the files i realise that the folder has a sub folder whose name is Chrome. I do not know if this is related. looking forward to your response
  22. Avatar
    18 Mar 2015 11:10pm Kate
    Is this plugin still being supported? The Firefox version is out of date, the chrome doesn't work properly - it doesn't save the changes to the files when the syntax highlight is on. 
    are you planning to fix the extensions?
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